Selenium Grid Tutorial For Beginners

At a time when software industry is experiencing a boom and many new software are being introduced for different purposes, software testing has also earned significance. Actually, software technology has not improved in the pace the software sector developed. Till recent time, many testers were depending on manual testing.

Then testing automation tools have been introduced and it slowly picked up. Now almost all tests are conducted using testing automation tools where there is no space for human errors. When many testing tools have come up in the market competition too increased. Still Selenium remains the most popular one in our planet earth.

Selenium Grid

Selenium is a suite of testing automation tools and Selenium grid is a part of it. This component of selenium suit helps to run multiple tests across different browsers or platforms or machines parallelly.

Selenium grid provide you two major advantages

  1. Selenium Grid helps you to run multiple tests in different operating systems, browsers or machines so that you can confirm the compatibility of the application in different browsers, operating systems and machines.
  2. Selenium Grid can be used to run different tests at a time and thus you can save a lot of time.

Selenium Grid has a hub and a node.

Hub: – Hub is the server which is the center point of the system where the tests will be triggered. There is only one hub and can be launched on one machine at a time.

Node: –  Nodes are the Selenium instances that execute tests and will be attached to the hub. There will be one or more nodes in a grid which can be of different OS and can contain any browsers that is supported by Selenium.

Advantages of Selenium over Other Testing Automation Tools

As mentioned earlier, there are several testing automation tools, still Selenium continues to be the leading one as it has several advantages over the others.

  • Selenium is free and open source. At a time when hectic competition is prevailing in the software sector, price of the product is a deciding factor in the success of the product. Since Selenium is free, companies do not have to invest on testing tools and thus can reduce the overall expenditures considerably. This will help them to offer lesser price for the product.
  • Selenium has active community to offer technical assistance. This certainly helps test managers and testers to carry out with the work without any trouble.
  • Selenium is compatible with multiple program languages such as java, C++, Perl, Ruby, Python etc and hence the testers need not learn any new programming languages. They can use any language supported by selenium in which they are proficient.
  • Selenium is supported by multiple operating systems and multiple browsers which ensures a great level of flexibility to the tool.
  • Selenium grid helps to run multiple tests at multiple platforms at a time. This will help to reduce the testing time considerable and will certainly decrease the overhead expenditures. Another way to offer the products for a lesser price.

Career Opportunities for Selenium Experts

As more and more developers are opting for Selenium for testing different applications, there are good opportunities are waiting for the experts in Selenium. Even if you do not want to make a career in testing, learning the subject will help you to conquer new heights in your career as a developer.

Selenium Grid Tutorials

When the takers are more, offers also will increase. This law of nature is applicable in the case of Selenium Grid training too. There are many experts offering selenium grid tutorials for the beginners. These tutorials are aimed at beginners who would like to pursue a career in testing field.

Most of such selenium grid training program for beginners are provided by ITeLearn online tutorials and it contains mainly of Selenium training videos. If you are well versed with any program languages that is supported by Selenium, you do not learn the language, otherwise it is better to learn Java too. Many online Selenium training providers offer courses of Selenium with java.

Besides the videos, the online training centers for Selenium also provide practical training in live projects. This can be done in association with other members in the community. Tutorials will give you access to the community as soon as you joined the course. You can take the help of the community at any given point of time during the course to clear the doubts and to seek help from experts.


Professionals with expertise in Selenium have a good demand but you should take the training from the right person. Hence you should do a bit of researches before joining in the online courses. You can depend on anybody who have enjoyed the service earlier to gather information. Or, you can depend on websites offering product and service reviews or any open discussion forums dealing subject to get a clear idea.

However, you should go only with those Selenium tutorials offering practical sessions on live projects. If you getting trained on tailor made dummy projects, it will not help you solve the real issues that may come in the future. When you are taking training on live projects, you will come across with many hurdles and obstacles. You will get more experience by solving each of such hurdles and obstacles which will help you in your future career.

Similarly, you should go through the parts of video tutorials which they are exhibiting on their website. This will help you to get a clear idea about the languages they use and the mode of teaching they rely on. Both the method of teaching and the language used should be simple and easy to understand. Then only you can learn the subject thoroughly.

Take the best course available and learn the subject thoroughly. A good future is waiting for you ahead.

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