Selenium Grid is one of the four components of Selenium, it specializes in running a number of tests simultaneously over different operating systems, browsers and machines. Selenium released two versions Grid 1 and Grid 2. Selenium is slowly removing Grid 1 and now all the concentration is on Grid 2. Hub Node concept is used for Selenium Grid. Selenium Grid allows you to finish test suits faster by running multiple at the same time.

This site primarily focuses on Selenium Grid and its functions. It further gives information on Appium. Appium is an open source tool that automates mobile applications. The posts are updated on a regular basis giving you valuable information on automation for web and mobile applications. Selenium has gotten very famous among testers and due to this automation has become a competitive industry.

A number of websites provide courses on Selenium Grid but picking the right course that will give you the required information is tricky. This site clarifies those doubts by providing upcoming course details. ITeLearn is one of the best online tutorial websites and is included in our posts for upcoming courses.